Organizational Learning Capacity, Evaluative Inquiry and Readiness for Change in Schools: Views and Perceptions of Educators

Prof Swee Chua Goh,
J. Bradley Cousins,
Dr. Catherine Elliott
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In a recent review of the literature on evaluative inquiry and its impact on school culture, there has been the suggestion that there is a link between evaluative inquiry and organizational learning in schools. However, there has been no published studies showing the views, perspectives and importance teachers and administrators attach to these practices and activities in their schools. This paper reports on the results of a study that examines these issues through a survey of 970 educators in 41 schools in Manitoba, Canada. They responded to questions about current evaluation practices, attitudes towards evaluation and experience with systematic inquiry, as well as organizational learning capacity, school support structures and readiness for evaluation and change. Based on the results, we will explore some implications for change in building a learning capacity and an evaluative culture in schools and suggestions for further research in the area.

Keywords: Organizational Learning, Evaluation Practices, School Support Structures, Educators, Change Readiness
Stream: Technology in Education
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Prof Swee Chua Goh

Professor, School of Management/Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa

Dr Swee Chua Goh is Professor of Organizational Behavior in the School of Management, University of Ottawa. He teaches senior undergraduate and graduate courses in OB, organizational design, managing change, organization theory, workbased learning and competitive advantage through people. His current research interests are in organizational learning, knowledge transfer, knowledge management, organizational transformations, organizational performance and evaluation capacity building. He also has a cross-appointment to the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa in the area of Educational Administration.

J. Bradley Cousins

Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa

Dr. Catherine Elliott

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa

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