Community Newspapers and the Web: Barriers to the Use of Modern Technology

Dr. Dave Cassady
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With the wide availability of the web and the increasing ease of use it is assumed by many that most businesses, to remain viable, must has a web presence. In addition, it is assumed that the web is, if not replacing, quickly becoming a serious competitor with other media as an outlet of news and advertising. While this may be true is circumstances of unlimited resources, what is the case where the resources traditionally have been much more limited and in many cases inadequate to fully to the job attempted? Community newspapers have long fit this category, often unable to take advantage of the technologies available to larger newspapers. This paper examines the use of the web by small newspapers in one state, Oregon, and the attitudes of the management of the newspapers toward "being on the net."

Keywords: Community Newspaper, Internet
Stream: Technology in Community
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Paper: Community Newspapers and the Web

Dr. Dave Cassady

Associate professor of journalism, Department of Media Arts, Pacific University

Ref: T05P0015