Why Seven SISTERS? The Architectonics Foundations of the Seven Liberal Arts

Dr. Daniel J. Voiku
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When, in Canto IV of the Inferno, Dante explains that the base of the great "Citadel of Human Reason" is circled by "seven towering battlements," he is speaking within the context of a tradition that extends back centuries before Christ, a tradition in which it is understood that human understanding begins in the five senses and that we evaluate sensation according to the principles of harmony and proportion that are consonant with human reason and its operation within time and space. This paper will examine the foundations of liberal arts theory as they move from oral tradition into the writings of the early fathers of the Christian Church, especially those of Augustine of Hippo (St. Augustine).

Keywords: Liberal Arts, Liberal Arts Tradition, Aesthetics and/or Understanding, Knowledge and/or Learning, General Education
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Dr. Daniel J. Voiku

Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Wisconsin at La Crosse

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