Technology in Long-Term Care: A Pilot Study

Dr Lee Slivinske,
Johanna Slivinske
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A survey was conducted of 100 directors, heads of departments, and other professional staff from 22 nursing facilities in North Eastern Ohio. The percent of staff and number of facilities using representative types of low, medium, and high level, adaptive technology in serving residents were described. Data also was gathered regarding their knowledge of currently available adaptive technology across these three levels. The state of knowledge of adaptive technology in long-term care facilities was found to be significantly greater than its actual use. A profile of the characteristics of nursing facilities that were more progressive in using available technology for residents was developed. Contributing factors, practice implications, and methodological issues were discussed as well as implications for the future.

Keywords: Adaptive technology, Long-term care, Nursing facilities, Quality of care, Functional disability
Stream: Human Technologies and Useability
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Technology in Long-Term Care

Dr Lee Slivinske

Professor, Department of Social Work, Youngstown State University

Dr L.R. Slivinske is a professor in the Department of Social Work and Coordinator of the Nursing Home Administration Program at Youngstown State University.

Johanna Slivinske

MSW Adjunct Instructor, Department of Social Work, Youngstown Adjunct instructor


Ref: T05P0159