Toward an Assessment of Preservice Teacher Competence in Archived Videoconference Sessions

Dr. Graham J. Passmore
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The model, coach and fade technique is to our way of thinking the optimal approach to teacher training. The short academic year means that Faculties of Education can only model teaching skills. Guiding student teachers toward the acquisition of effective teaching skills as they work in an actual classroom is not possible in the time that is available.

A solution to the above problem is to offer multiple teaching opportunities from the Faculty into a school by way of desktop videoconference sessions. The sessions can be archived to disk and examined at leisure for manifestations of teaching competence. Over multiple attempts at teaching the student teachers' competence should, if they are guided correctly, increase.

In order for the above solution to work there is a need to develop a tool that is capable of video-based assessments of teacher competence. This paper describes the method we used to develop such a tool.

Keywords: Distance Learning, Teacher Training, Desktop Videoconferencing
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Assessing Preservice Teacher Competence in Archived Video Conference Sessions

Dr. Graham J. Passmore

Asst Professor, Education, Lakehead University

Ref: T05P0161