Multimedia Journals: Persistent Platforms for Perception and Reflection Across the Curriculum

Dr. Daniel Weinstein
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In a carefully scaffolded sequence of assignments using Tablet PCs equipped with desktop publishing, graphics editing, sound editing, and movie making software, students in a college-level Advanced Composition course produced original multimedia journals, then examined the content of these journals to find patterns of life and thought worthy to serve as springboards for academic arguments.

In light of this exercise in multimedia pedagogy, this paper is both a practical and theoretical debriefing. It tells the story of these students and their software and the ways in which particular characteristics of multimedia journaling enable cognitive exploration on many planes of expression, and in harmony with multiple learning styles. Ultimately, the multimedia journal is framed as a persistent platform for perception and reflection, a valuable (if not invaluable) complement to the activities of courses across the curriculum

Keywords: Journal, Multimedia, Pedagogy, Rhetoric, Learning Styles
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Multimedia Journals

Dr. Daniel Weinstein

Assistant Professor of English, College of Arts and Sciences, Dakota State University

Ref: T05P0163