Technological Pedagogy as Ethical Praxis

Dr. Donna Patterson
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This paper documents the part played by ethics in the co-constructing and co-teaching of a Web-CT fourth year university Special Education class. This excursion into an always challenging sometimes bewildering ethical landscape was a journey into difference and reminiscence. In working together to develop sound technological pedagogy, ethics was ever present and central. This paper is then a re-structuring of how our joint prior teaching experience assisted us, played us fools or left us resourceless/speechless. Particular attention is paid to the part ethics took in shaping these encounters — both questions raised and occasional answers found.

Keywords: Technological Pedagogy, Knowledge Creation, Ethical Praxis, Experiential Learning
Stream: Technology in Community, Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dr. Donna Patterson

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology Subject Area Faculty of Education, University of Regina

Ref: T05P0169