Multiliteracies: Engaging ESL Acquisition with Environmental Literacy through WebCT

Dr. Ruth X. Guo
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The purpose of this study is to explore the possibilities of language acquisition with topic-based discussions through online communication. Narrative analysis approach was applied to interpret the rich online engagement of the participants, including the instructor, across the continents. The data were collected from a Web-based project, a supplemental course work for a graduate course with face-to-face classroom instruction. Findings show that the Web-based project not only enhanced students' language proficiency in reading, writing, and communication skills, but also raised their awareness of the local milieu and global environmental situation. Theoretical implications of this study indicate engaging technology into multiliteracies.

Keywords: Technology, Language Literacy, Environmental Literacy, Multiliteracies
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Multiliteracies

Dr. Ruth X. Guo

PhD student, The Department of Curriculum Studies, The University of British Columbia

I am a PhD candidate in the field of Technology Education in the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of British Columbia and I will complete my dissertation titled Technological Literacy in Teacher Education by the end of 2005. I conducted this research with quantitative and qualitative methodologies in teacher education programs at the University of British Columbia. My research interests focus on technological literacy. I have surveyed technology curriculum in teacher education programs, both domestically and internationally, and conducted research on technology use in enhancing teaching and learning. I have delivered presentations at local and international conferences. I have experience teaching student teachers in the teacher education programs at the University of British Columbia. My teaching practices on digital and computer technology applications in teacher education programs empowered me with a better understanding of technology curriculum and integration of technology into subject matters. My background includes teaching computer applications such as Web Page Design, HTML, IMovie, PowerPoint Presentation, etc. in teacher education programs at the University of British Columbia.

Ref: T05P0185