Technology Meets Campus Culture: Web Registration and Its Impact on Other Campus Systems

Prof. Joseph L. Rosetti,
Dr. Thomas J. Kopp
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Web registration is often viewed as an application of remote computer access technology to streamline the registration process at colleges. Given this view, schools implementing this technology tend to focus on how it will alter the actual registration process. This research demonstrates that such a view is flawed, since registration is only one component of a multifaceted system that focuses upon guiding students successfully towards graduation. Through following the experiences of applying WEB registration at a small liberal arts college and utilizing the feedback obtained from surveying academic advising professionals attending a workshop on Web registration, this article seeks to identify the opportunities and pitfalls of liberating the registration process using WEB registration. It also demonstrates that once the institution liberates students from the traditional registration process it must evaluate whether college regulations that use class standing or total credits as decision criteria are appropriate. This is necessary since registration mistakes, which the college has empowered students to make, not only effects degree progress, but also access to housing and financial aid. Therefore, this research suggests that the true benefits of Web registration can only be captured if the college redesigns associated systems to confront the new realities embodied within its adoption.

Keywords: Educational Technology, Technological Application
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Technology Meets Campus Culture

Prof. Joseph L. Rosetti

Professor of Marketing and Management, School of Business, Siena College

Professor Rosetti has been a member of the faculty at Siena College since 1985, and has recently returned to the classroom on a full time basis at Siena after serving for a number of years in administrative capacities as the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, Interim Dean of the School of Business, and Assistant Dean of the School of Business. His primary teaching specialty is Strategic Marketing. His research interests are focused on strategic planning on the college campus. This has resulted in papers at the National Computers on Campus Conference, the National Assessment Institute, the National Wellness Conference, the Academy of Business Education National Conference, the Northeastern Regional Academic Advising Association Conference as well as the International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations.

Dr. Thomas J. Kopp

Associate Professor of Finance, School of Business, Siena College

Dr Kopp has been at Siena College since 1984, serving as Chair of Finance, founding Co-chair of the Business School's Assessment program, and member of the College Core Curriculum and Faculty Status Committees. Dr Kopp's research interests lie in the areas of academic assessment, financial forecasting and international finance. He has presented research and workshops at National Wellness Conferences, the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute, the Academy of Business Management, the Academy of Business Education, New York State Economics Association and regional meetings of the National Academic Advising Association. In addition to his work in finance and assessment, he referees for the New York State's Economics Association's journal.

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