Progress Towards Knowledge Society Strategies in a Developing Nation: The Zimbabwe Experience

Dr Fortune S Mhlanga
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This paper chronicles Zimbabwe's experience on a knowledge societies initiative, which seeks to promote and encourage the country to invest in its national information infrastructures, so that it can participate in knowledge based development with a plight to experience the predicted social and economic benefits. The initiative, where the knowledge content and knowledge contribution will see a quantum leap in every area, is emerging at an opportune time when Zimbabwe is facing a lot of difficulties especially in terms of economic growth. It is also a time when Zimbabwe is beginning to seriously recognize how critical the ability to access, use and develop knowledge, is to business success. The amount of work accomplished since the inception of the initiative already holds promise for positive economic and societal changes, appropriating a framework for building an innovative knowledge society for Zimbabwe.

Keywords: Zimbabwe, Knowledge Society, Information and Communication Technology, Knowledge Economy, Electronic Government, Digital Divide
Stream: Technology in Community
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Dr Fortune S Mhlanga

Associate Professor and Chair of Computer Science, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faulkner University

Ref: T05P0194