Viewing Technology: Perspectives in Theoretical Analysis

Dr Stephen Kennedy,
Prof Johnny Golding,
Dr. Gauti Sigthorsson,
Alev Adil
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When Heidegger posed his 'Question Concerning Technology' it was not only to ask what technology is, but what it means to think technologically — to ask what the conditions of possibility are for thinking in, with, or through technology. In this session we will take Heidegger as a starting point for further questions. For example, are technologies (of power, of the self) not themselves conditions of possibility for thought, as Foucault argues? Indeed, why should we bother to separate thought and the thinking/viewing subject from the technologies that constitute them — the multitude of little machines caught up in the swirl of language, society, and politics? We will move to explore and expose to criticism debates in/around technology and the media — following a line from McLuhan through Lyotard to Kittler and Manovich. The session will be coordinated and led by Prof. J. Golding. Dr G. Sightorsson, and Dr S. Kennedy from the University of Greenwich London UK (two more contributors to be arranged).

Keywords: Media Technology, Philosophy of New Media
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Colloquium in English
Paper: Viewing Technology, Inflamed Poetics, ‘Causa Finalis’, Leibniz Sends an Email

Dr Stephen Kennedy

Senior Lecturer, Dept of Creative, Critical, and Communication Studies, University of Greenwich

I am an active researcher in the area of Media Theory and the New Technologies. I successfully completed my PhD The Technology Agenda: Cable Policy in the UK 1982-1996 in October 2003, and have had an article, Viewing Technology accepted for the Issues Journal Summer 2004. This research informs my teaching over all levels, but is most notable in the New Media Environment and MA unit Viewing Technology: Perspectives in Theoretical Analysis. In addition to academic research I also engage in professional practice — particularly in relation to Music. As a musician/DJ and record label proprietor having released my own material to considerable critical acclaim, I am able to bring first hand experience to courses such as Alternative Publishing and the proposed MA course Underground Resistance.

Prof Johnny Golding

Professor, CCCS, University of Greenwich

Dr. Gauti Sigthorsson

Lecturer, CCCS, University of Greenwich

Alev Adil

University of Greenwich

Ref: T05P0196