Academic Integrity in a Cut and Paste World: Lost Cause or Pedagogical Possibility?

Ms. Amy Besnoy
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With technology moving so rapidly and students having gadgets that enable them to dance around academic integrity by cutting and pasting, photographing notes and text messaging test answers to each other, do we throw in the ethical towel or do we, as educators, consider this an opportunity to change our pedagogical approach? This paper will explore the many ways students are using technology to cheat and will begin the discussion of applicable ways to create pedagogical changes. Examples of pedagogical approaches include the use of plagiarism detection software, the incorporation of fieldwork as a data set in undergraduate courses. Using an interdisciplinary approach from technology, information studies, and leadership education this paper will consider our responsibility is as educators, what our culpability maybe as a society, and what the university as an institution can do to thwart academic dishonesty and promote values and integrity in our students.

Keywords: Academic Integrity, Technology, Pedagogy, Ethics
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Academic Integrity in a Cut and Paste World

Ms. Amy Besnoy

University of San Diego

Ref: T05P0198