Participation and Visual Language

Professor John Bowers
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The ability to personalize digital experiences through pre-determined visual languages is increasingly common to shaping interaction. Choice of skins, fonts, and interaction methods suggests an understanding of the user, promising enrichment and self-expression. The extent to which real choices are given, effective and without implications is an open question and the subject of this paper.

Keywords: Participation, Access, Empowerment, Visual Language, Customization
Stream: Technology in Community
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Professor John Bowers

Associate Professor, Oregon State University, Department of Art

John Bowers is an Associate Professor in Graphic Design and New Media at Oregon State University. His research explores private and public identity issues of participation and interaction through professional practice and writing. He studied under the architect and industrial designer Hu Hung Shu at The University of Iowa, where he earned a BFA, MA and MFA in Design, and did post-graduate work with Wolfgang Weingart and Armin Hofmann at the Basle School of Design. His professional experience includes working as Senior Identity Designer at Landor in San Francisco. His work has been published in American Institute of Graphic Arts Annual, Communication Arts, Graphics and I.D. He is the author of Introduction to Two Dimensional Design: Understanding Form and Function (Wiley, 1999).

Ref: T05P0201