Building a Public Scholarship: The Capacity of Service-Learning Instruction to Foster Student Learning and Engaged Student Citizenship in the Biological Sciences

Dr. Beronda Montgomery
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Although the need for scientists to become involved as public scholars in ongoing public debates about the impacts of scientific advances on the environment and current and future societal issues is evident, the channels for encouraging and rewarding such involvement remain undefined. In this paper, I describe specific public scholarship opportunities that arise through the adoption of service-learning pedagogy. Ultimately, service-learning educators can promote engaged citizenship among students by modeling the need to make connections between the acquisition of factual knowledge and a personal responsibility to act upon that knowledge — public scholarship at its essence.

Keywords: Service-learning instruction, Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, Public Scholarship, Citizenship Education
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Paper: Building a Public Scholarship

Dr. Beronda Montgomery

Assistant Professor, MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Michigan State University

Ref: T05P0202