The Impetus to, and Legal Issues of, Open Source Education

Wade M. Chumney,
Dr Zehai Zhou
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This paper presents a study of the open source movement as it relates to education. It begins by examining the value of information in the American economy and reviewing the legal mechanism which primarily affords protection to information in our legal system, namely copyright law. First, the impact of the Internet on both information and education is studied. The culmination of stringent copyright laws and the ubiquity of the Internet are put forth as the impetus for the modern open source movement and the open education movement. Then the view of "education as a good" is posited as well as the impact of the Internet on education. In addition, the philosophy and impact of the open source education movement are studied, with particular attention paid to MIT's Open Knowledge Initiative (OCW) and OpenCourseWare (OCW) Project. Some obstacles to MIT's initiatives are also reviewed. Finally, the information is examined and a conclusion put forth about the efficacy and future of open source education.

Keywords: Open Source, Open CourseWare, Open Knowledge Initiative, Internet, Education, Intellectual Property
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Wade M. Chumney

Instructor of Business Administration, School of Business, Charleston Southern University

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Dr Zehai Zhou

Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems, College of Business and Information Systems, Dakota State University

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