Can Technology Smile?

Prof. Mark G. Wagner
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The array of human communicative actions — what creates trust, what invites us in to an exchange of knowledge, what generates contempt, what alerts us to be sceptical — is the human face. Technological society is founded, in part, on the means to erase the face from our communications. This paper will discuss the ramifications of this: can we have meaningful exchanges without two faces involved? how does technology replace the face? how does technology try to recreate the face? Will we simply move to a place where the face is no longer central to education? knowledge exchange? the creation of trust?

Keywords: Human communication
Stream: Technology in Education, Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Can Technology Smile?

Prof. Mark G. Wagner

assistant professor, humanities, Nichols College

Mark Wagner is the author of two books — A Cabin in a Field (Mellen Poetry Press) and Silkheads (3M Press). His first cd of original music — Two Less Than Zero — is available on Bison Records (best to contact mark himself.) Mark has presented widely on issues of communication and the history of rhetoric and popular culture.

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