Gender and Related Factors in the Performance of the South African National System of Innovation

Ms Lebogang Lebese
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During the period 1995-2001, South Africa focussed on reshaping it's National System of Innovation to address new science and technology missions of science for competitiveness and science for development. From 2002 public policy has evolved in the broad arena of research and development and in the fields of Biotechnology, advanced manufacturing and gender in the public science system.

The paper is based on (a) The results of a quantitative study that describe women's participation in public sector science, engineering and technology (SET)in SA and (b)An analysis of public policy and strategy aimed at promoting innovation in SET for competitiveness and development over the period 2005-2014.

The introduction will present a brief overview of the SA landscape of innovation in an emerging knowledge economy context; followed by an analysis of the gender dimension of the public science system relative to the desired outcomes articulated in specific innovation strategies. The conclusion will present a model for gender mainstreaming to contribute to the objectives of science for competitiveness and science for development.

Keywords: Gender, Science, Engineering, Technology, Innovation, Development, Public Policy
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Ms Lebogang Lebese

Chairperson, South African Reference Group for Women in Science and Technology, Permanent sub committee of the National Advisory Council on Innovation
South Africa

Ref: T05P0207