After the Tsunami: Community Building in Thailand

Professor Daniel Henrich
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In the aftermath of the Tsunami in late December, large parts of south Thailand were literally washed away. Many of the survivors lost income earning potential. With the goal of developing jobs in the IT sector, a technology center is being developed in Takua Pau, Thailand. This paper will discuss the research process, development of the hub center itself and the integration of edutainment media into the process of knowledge development and community building.

Keywords: Thailand, Information and Communication Technology, Knowledge development, Edutainment media, Job development
Stream: Technology in Community
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Professor Daniel Henrich

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Liberty University

Dan Henrich has been working as a media trainer and teacher for the past 20 years. He is a mediastrategy consultant assisting non-profit organizations in SE Asia to use edutainment media in prosocial areas. Much of his work involves collaborative efforts. In the case of the Thailand project NGOs from England, Philippines and the USA are involved.

Ref: T05P0227