Supporting the "Support" Economy: How Graphic Media can Underpin the New Economic Paradigm of the 21st Century

Anni Elizabeth Rowland-Campbell
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Mankind's communication has long been acknowledged as a key driver of both social and cultural evolution, with the industries of 'print' and the 'graphic arts' being described as key components in the distribution and dissemination of the knowledge which has so underpinned that evolution. The consequences of that knowledge, with its impact on learning, levels of education, and human development, are major changes in the way people want to live their lives with new demands for 'sanctuary', 'voice' and 'community. This paper investigates how the new digital media so prevalent in the way we communicate can both facilitate these new demands, and play a pivotal role as twentieth century organisations evolve to meet the challenges demanded by customers and the digital marketplace.

Keywords: Graphic Media Technologies, Knowledge, Learning, Organisational Change, Networked Communities
Stream: Technology in Community
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Anni Elizabeth Rowland-Campbell

Graphic Arts Industry Marketing Manager, Production Solutions Business Group, Fuji Xerox Australia

Anni Rowland-Campbell joined Fuji Xerox Australia in September 2004 after nine years as Executive Director of GAMAA, the association of suppliers to the graphic arts and related industries in Australia. During that time she was actively involved in a number of industry projects (including AGAC '97, Print21, the C2C Project and the creation of the PrintEx exhibition in Sydney). In addition she initiated GAMAA's international activities as part of the Eumaprint Forum of Suppliers, and worked on the creation and ongoing development of the GAMAA Scholarship and Leadership Programme. Anni started her career in the Arts working in marketing, research and corporate development for organisations such as the Sydney Opera House Trust, Opera Australia, The Royal Ballet, Covent Garden, and The National Theatre of Great Britain. She then moved into the NSW public sector, where she was an integral part in the creation, policy and advisory framework for the first NSW "Ministry for the Arts", before moving on to direct training and development activities for government professionals. In addition she ran her own consultancy business in strategic on-line marketing and event management and facilitation. Anni also consults in coaching and leadership development for the technology industry, and is currently researching for a PhD entitled "Analogue to Digital — the challenge of changing mindsets within the Graphic Media industries for the 21st Century" (through the Open University Business School, UK, in association with the London College of Communications).

Ref: T05P0233