The Question Concerning the Question Concerning Technology: On the Nature of Mediated Pedagogy

Prof. Edward Tywoniak
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On November 18, 1955, Martin Heidegger delivered an address to the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts titled The Question Concerning Technology as part of a series on "The Arts in the Technological Age." Heidegger has come to be regarded as the standard-bearer for the newly emerging wave of postmodern philosophy that grew out of the bifurcation of ontological inquiry into theosophical and scientific tracks. Heidegger proffered the notion that the newly evolving technological world was fraught with a misunderstanding of our relationship with the technical contrivances that were being developed. He postulated that our relationship to technology inexorably alters the very nature of our understanding of humanity and viewed technology as an evolutionary determinant as influential as any other evolutionary factor theorized by Charles Darwin.

This essay sets out to explore the historical development of this philosophical relationship between humanity and tool making as well as offers a critical analysis of contemporary mediated pedagogies and technically-driven curriculum delivery systems. In particular, this paper will address the newly emergent networked culture of the digital age and the pressures it has placed upon educators to better understand how to teach technology and teach with technology.

Keywords: Technology, Technique, Onology, Epistemology, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Curriculum, Media, Mediation, Communication
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Question Concerning the Question Concerning Technology

Prof. Edward Tywoniak

Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Communication School of Liberal Arts, Saint Mary's College of California

Edward E. Tywoniak is Associate Professor in the School of Liberal Arts and Chair of the Department of Communication at Saint Mary's College of California, where he has served on the faculty for over 25 years. Dr Tywoniak holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Saint Mary's College of California, a Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Music Composition from the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College, and a Doctorate in Education from the Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership at the University of San Francisco where his dissertation work was on the philosophical nature of technology within pedagogical systems. Professor Tywoniak has written extensively on a variety of topics including mediated popular culture, media production technology and the ontological nature of technical systems. Dr Tywoniak has also composed music for and performed in over 75 media and theatrical productions, has consulted in the radio and television industries, and served as technical editor for BAM magazine for ten years.

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