Clio Goes Electronic: The Wise Use of Computers in the Classroom

Mr. Robert Coven
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The paper discusses the promises and the pitfalls of using computer technology in education. While computers have substantially increased both the volume and access to information, proper use requires caution if we are to insure proper control over the computer as a tool. It is also incumbent upon us as educators to train our students in the prudent and critical use of the large volume of data available through the Internet. We should welcome this new information revolution, but remain as skeptical of the computer as society has learned to be of its predecessors, such as radio, television, and the products of the printing press.

Keywords: Computers in Education, Appropriate Technology
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Clio Goes Electronic

Mr. Robert Coven

Teacher, Department of History, Cary Academy

Ref: T05P0242