Social Hypnosis and Mobile Paranoia: Social Interaction and Gender Performances in Young Norwegian's 'Love-Projects' through Camera-Phone Images

Ms Lin Proitz
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As mobile telephony communication seem to be a part of young people's empowering tool in becoming active participants in representing their own history, I am particular interested in how camera-telephone photographs may work as an empowering 'incubator' that crosses symbolic barriers and subverts normative gender codes and power-structures. The analysis is based upon a long study of young Norwegian's usage, self-presentation and gender performances through mobile telephony communication. The informants were 15-16 years when I first interviewed them and have now become 18-19 years in 2004. The study is also based upon the informant's own text and multimedia messages in which they have been sending to me.

Keywords: Cameraphone Images, Young Norwegian's love-projects via MMS, SMS, Intimacy, Genderperformances, Sexuality, Usage and changes in usage of mobile telephony
Stream: Human Technologies and Useability, Technology in Community
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Ms Lin Proitz

Research Fellow, PhD, Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo, Norway (visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, Women's Department 2004-05), Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo

2005-04 Visiting Scholar; Research Fellow at Women's Department, UC Berkeley 2006-03 PhD/Research Fellow Dep. of Media and Communication, University of Oslo 2003 Master thesis in Media and Communication, UiO 1996-95 Film, Television, Video, NTNU Conferences: 2005 Hawaii Int. Conference on Arts and Humanities 2004 Mobile Communication and Social Change, Int. conf. on Mobile Communication, Seoul, Korea 2004 The Global and the Local in Mobile Communication. Places, Images, People, Connections. Budapest, Hungary 2004 Alternative Mobilities Conference, University of Lancaster, UK.

Ref: T05P0250