Digital Preservation Efforts in Small Academic Libraries' Archives: a Case Study at the University of San Diego

Alma C. Ortega
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It is well known that many large university libraries have established archival collections, while small libraries are not usually expected to have archives much less fully functioning ones. In this case study a small university library's archives demonstrates how it grapples with the many technological and theoretical choices available to best digitally preserve its collections, but has nevertheless begun to design itself virtually.

Keywords: digital preservation academic libraries archives
Stream: Human Technologies and Useability, Technology in Community, Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Digital Preservation Efforts in Small Academic Libraries' Archives

Alma C. Ortega

Assistant Professor, Copley Library, University of San Diego

Assistant Professor at the University of San Diego in Library Science at Copley Library since 2003. Professor Ortega is primarily collection manager and liaison to the departments of History, Spanish, Ethnic Studies, and the Transborder Institute. Her other duties are reference (including virtual reference), archival collections processing, research, and teaching Lib 101:Library Research Methods- Spring 2005 and Lib 103:Information Literacy and Research Strategies- Fall 2005.

Ref: T05P0256