Investigating the role of identity in L2 writing using electronic discussion bulletin boards

Valia Spiliotopoulos
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Investigating the Role of Identity in L2 Writing Using Electronic Discussion Boards Abstract International students realize that to succeed in the academic community, they must be particularly adept at writing in English for academic purposes. This learning has implications for a learner's identity (Norton and Kanno, 2003). This paper addresses how using WebCT's electronic discussion board to improve L2 writing in English offers students the chance to assume a more academic face and other "possibilities for selfhood" (Ivanic, 1998). It also offers opportunities for the development of student identities in ways that are not as prevalent in the traditional classroom. It is hoped that a greater awareness of identity issues in SLA using on-line discussion forums will have important implications for student participation, motivation, and intercultural awareness as components in social construction approaches to language socialization.

Keywords: Identity, sociocultural theory, L2 writing, technology
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Valia Spiliotopoulos

Lecturer, Language and Literacy Education Department, University of British Columbia

Ref: T05P0261