Managing Technologies for Sustainable Participatory Citizenship Processes with Strategy Maps and Scorecards

Pradyot Sahu
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Managing Technologies for Sustainable Participatory Citizenship Processes with Strategy Maps and Scorecards Pradyot Sahu This paper shows how strategy maps and scorecards of Balanced Scorecard can be used in managing the technologies for participatory citizenship in a nation. The strategy map framework used is based on a simple and effective model of value creation and value sustenance. The stakeholders of the participatory citizenship processes define the sources of value for the technology developed and used. Cause-and-effect relationships of strategy map define the logic that converts intangible outcomes of the participatory citizenship process and the technology associated with it to tangible outcomes. Budget performance provides the tangible definition of value. The scorecard for technology of sustainable participatory citizenship is a performance measurement and management system that allows processes from several perspectives simultaneously. This scorecard like a Balanced Scorecard is not a list of measures. It is a description of the technology strategy for participation and sustainability of the citizenship processes in a nation and thus providing the way for social transformation.

Keywords: participatory citizenship, management, strategy, scorecard, strategy map
Stream: Technology in Community
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Pradyot Sahu

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Pradyot Sahu is a Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from UCE, Burla, Sambalpur University, India. He has done three online courses on E-business Strategy from Harvard Business School Publishing of Harvard Business School. He is also a self-learner of management for more than 10 years from numerous state-of-the-art books, university business school websites, and business research websites and at MIT Open courseware Sloan School of Management. Pradyot Sahu has more than 10 years experience in software design, development and project management in India and USA. His areas of interest include product development, product innovation, computer security, innovation management, technology management and ebusiness strategy. So far fourteen research papers are published or accepted in International conferences throughout the world. Pradyot is a member of IEEE, IEEE Engineering Management Society, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Society on Social Implications on Technology, Association of Computing Machinery, Internet Society.

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