Proletarianization: The Web's Contribution to "Immaturity"

Dr. Marcus Breen
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Proletarianization describes the emergence of new class formations that arise due to a set of articulations with communications technology, government, and social movements. The proletariat is theorized here as gaining power through the availability of relatively cheap Internet technology that liberates their communications from the constraints of the bourgeois world of established media and communications. This emerging formation is an unanticipated consequence of libertarianism promoted by Internet advocates. The expression of proletarian interests has resulted in the emergence of political movements that contrast with the constraints of official media: this is proletarianization. The emergence of an empowered proletariat is evidenced in pornography and current warfare. These two examples suggest that proletarianization can be understood in contrast to Kant's concept of "maturity" as an Enlightenment act of knowledge production. The result of Web-based technological diffusion may create immature knowledge: this perspective requires a new way of thinking about political theory in the context of globalization's networked communications.

Keywords: Kant, Maturity, Immaturity, Proletariat, Internet, Pornography, Warfare
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Dr. Marcus Breen

Department of Communication Studies, Northeastern University

Ref: T05P0282