Self-Funding Perpetual Course Development: Dynamic Content at UNBC

Ms. Lynda Williams
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Instead of text books or lab manuals, students in Lynda Williams' Computer Science 150 classes access a WebCT shell maintained via a special fund managed by the Centre for Teaching Learning at the University of Northern B.C., where Lynda is both a part-time instructor and the elearning coordinator. The cost to students dropped from about $180 CND for texts to $30 CND paid as a fee at registration. Known as a dynamic content fee, the innovation pays for upgrading of materials from term to term, and can be used to seed the next dynamic content course development. Two computer science courses at UNBC now charge the fee in place of using text books. An online social work course is slated to go next. Dynamic Content works best for courses that require some customization, can manage without a text book, and are based on intrinsically volatile content that is frequently subject to refinement or change. Opportunities for student input make the model intrinsically constructivist in nature.

Keywords: Funding Course Development, Computing Literacy Course, Open Source Courseware, Reduced Student Cost for Course Content
Stream: Technology in Education
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Paper: Self-Funding Perpetual Course Development

Ms. Lynda Williams

ELearning Coordinator, Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Northern British Columbia

Lynda Williams has pioneered in more than one field of innovation surrounding the use of computers. She founded one of the first FreeNets in Canada, introduced WebCT to her university and holds two applied technology awards at the provincial level, as well as an honorary mention in the first every WebCT exemplary course awards. She works as elearning coordinator for the University of Northern British Columbia, where also teaches applied computing courses in a part-time capacity. In her spare time, Lynda is writing a science fiction saga brought out simultaneously by Edge Science Fiction, in Canada, and Windstorm Creative, in the United Stages. She has a husband, three children, and an avid interest in many things. Her first novel, Throne Price, was short listed for the Benjamin Franklin award.

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