The Use of a Student-Produced Video Essay to Promote Learner Self-Efficacy

Dr. Anne Petrovich,
Dr. Mitzi Lowe
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Featuring a student-produced, video essay, this presentation will also illustrate the use of multiple electronic technologies as applied in a graduate social work practice seminar, and integrated in internships. Following a showing of the actual video, the process of its production by students in an introductory seminar will be described, along with illustrated comments on the effects of the production process on students' motivation and confidence about their social work training. The photo essay video was compiled as the culminating experience of a field seminar course. Its purpose was to illustrate the many faces of the culturally and ethically diverse San Joaquin Valley in central California, an area with extremes of income, and characterized by high levels of crime, air pollution, and poverty-related stress. The video was subsequently used as an educational tool to introduce a variety of professional and student groups to the community and to promote identification and empathy with its residents.

The presenters will next illustrate the video's use in a graduate seminar. The course utilizes self-efficacy theory as a pedagogical framework for educating students to become effective responders to multiple client systems. The development and content of the course will be described, with special emphasis on the use of technologies such as Blackboard, Power Point, electronic library resources for the purposes of connecting students with the human experiences of their clients. The construction of course assignments to strengthen known sources of self-efficacy and facilitate the transfer of learning will be illustrated. The presenters will describe the results of their evaluation of the video essay tool as it affected the emotional identification of students with their potential clients and motivation for applying what is learned in the classroom to their life in the outside world.

Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of technology in deepening the human encounter with issues such as trauma and abuse will be discussed. The need to combine powerful technological tools, selected for their ability to enable students to encounter both ideas and profound human experiences, with classroom assignments facilitating live personal encounters will be emphasized. The presenters hope to illustrate how technology can humanize and deepen the practice of social work rather than substitute virtual for face-to-face contact with our clients' worlds.

Keywords: Self-Efficacy, Video Photo Essay, Integration
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Use of a Student-Produced Video Essay to Promote Learner Self-Efficacy, The

Dr. Anne Petrovich

Assistant Professor, Practice courses in graduate social work education, California State University, Fresno, Social Work Education Department

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Dr. Mitzi Lowe

Assistant Professor, Director of Field, CA State University, Fresno

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