Opera Narratives: From Mythology to Audiovisual Aesthetics

Prof. Héctor Julio Pérez López
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It is worthy to propose some reasons to consider Opera video recordings on DVD or Video as a powerful instrument to study an Opera from the point of view of its aesthetic characteristics. In comparison with the aesthetic qualities of a score, or an audio recording, an Opera Video recording offers important scenic and dramatic elements for a wider and a richer vision of the narrative plot. Each Opera could be considered as an archaeological site with different stratums of stories. Let's take an example, Monteverdi's Orpheus. The origin of this opera plot is a myth, a first level of written Story. The second level is Monteverdi's opera score containing a modified version of literary and mythological sources. The artistic performance shows another level of the plot, with a deeper dramatic signification defined by different aesthetic nuances. The last level of the plot is the audiovisual recording, where some decisions of the TV director could be important for the understanding and aesthetic perception of the dramatic narrative. This paper will offer an analysis of the new perspectives of audiovisual narrative related to opera, considering DVD or Video recordings as an audiovisual text. The main perspective will focuses on the new possibilities for giving a more comprehensive and deeper aesthetic vision to study the opera, considering the great development of dramatic and scenic proposals of stage directors as Luca Ronconi, Robert Wilson, Peter Konwitschny, Harry Kupfer, Jean Luc Bondy, etc.

Keywords: Opera performance, Aesthetics and Technologies, Changes on experiencing art
Stream: Human Technologies and Useability
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Paper: Opera Narratives

Prof. Héctor Julio Pérez López

Professor - Head of PhD programme of Music, Professor of Audiovisual Communication and Manager of the PhD Program of Music., Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Prof. Dr Héctor Julio Pérez is professor of audiovisual communication at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain)and manager of the PhD program of music at the same university. Main research fields are the literary and mythological sources in the film narrative. Related to musical culture, the other main field of studies, most of current scientific activities are inside of a wide interdisciplinary research project, developing perspectives for an audiovisual aesthetic of opera performances. Publications includes tree books about aesthetics in Spanish and Italian and different articles about aesthetics in International Scientific Reviews from Germany, Japan, Italy, USA and Spain. Visiting scholar at the State University of Milano (Italy) for 5 years. Languages: Fluent German, English, Spanish and Italian.

Ref: T05P0303