Old Footage, New Media, Same Ideas: The Manipulation of Televisual Media in the Internet Age

Ms. Cheryl-Anne Panlilio
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The "Guerrilla News Network" and the "Emergency Broadcast Network" are groups composed of subversive experimental videomakers who manipulate stock video footage for liberal political purposes. It is through the technological manipulation of this footage — and the additional dispensing of them through the internet — that lend the videomakers the reputation of being politically and socially influential. Such short videos as "Get Up, Get Down" and "We Will Rock You" will be discussed, through close critical, textual, and theoretical analysis. Although these videos were produced approximately a decade ago, they still hold today; avant-garde, yet symptomatic of contemporary television, the work by these two artists point to a larger relation between media, technology, and televisual/cinematic invention.

Keywords: Television, New media, Video, Film, Cinema, Filmmaking, Videomaking, Internet, Politics, Liberal, Editing
Stream: Other or Stream Unspecified, Human Technologies and Useability
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Ms. Cheryl-Anne Panlilio

Graduate Student, Critical studies, School of Cinema-Television, University of Southern California

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