The Use of Technology in Educational Publishing: Trends and Analysis

Mr. Farzad Wafapoor
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Publishers are profitable organizations and must make money. Educators demand tools that would make their tasks more efficient. These two factors have resulted in a new wave of technological tools and solutions in the field of higher education and publishing. Current technologies such as Mark Up Languages, web animations, digital video, etc., have redefined "eBooks" and "eLearning". For example, eBooks can be more than text on a CD in PDF format. An eBook can be either on-line or on DVD and provide audio/visual presentations of complex concepts, connect the end-user to the Internet, and provide tutorials with instant feedback. Samples will be demonstrated during the presentation. eTesting can be cost effective for both publishers and educators by cutting costs on OMR machines, printing, shipping, etc. eTesting can also provide valuable instant data for educators about individual examinees. Major publishers are rushing to provide many types of technological services to the educators in the field of Health Care.

Keywords: Education, Health Care, DVD, Video, eBook, eLearning, eTesting
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Paper: Use of Technology in Educational Publishing, The

Mr. Farzad Wafapoor

Senior Producer, Graphic World / Adjunct Lecturer, Univ of Missouri, Media, University of Missouri - St. Louis

Mr Wafapoor is an instructor at the University of Missouri in St. Louis teaching Media arts such as Cinema and TV Production. With a Masters degree in Mass Media Communication, he is also a multimedia producer by profession. As a senior Producer at Graphic World Media Services in St. Louis - Missouri, he has produced more than a hundred CD and DVD products for major publishers primarily in the field of health care. As an independent video producer, he has produced numerous educational and humanitarian videos, one of which won the Emmy Award of Mid America Chapter in 1996.

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