Multimedia Technology and Inquiry Science: Enhancing Learning Environment in the Elementary Classroom

Prof. Do-Yong Park
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This study investigates effects of using a multimedia-based Asynchronous Science Center (ASC) approach in enhancing constructivist learning environment in inquiry science classrooms. A variety of multimedia technologies including animation, video clips, pictures, sounds, and computer-generated graphics are used in inquiry science instruction. This science instruction is offered asynchronously that each group carries out the activity at their own pace. Over the last five years, the multimedia-based Asynchronous Science Center (ASC) approach has been implemented in our pre-service teacher preparation program. As many as 1500 preservice teachers went through the approach so far, and many are now using this method in the elementary science classrooms. For the study, twenty-one sixth graders received multimedia-based ASC instruction (N=21) and twenty six fourth graders received regular instruction (Non-ASC, N=26) over the semester. Learning environment created by the students who received the ASC inquiry science instructions was presenting more components of a constructivist learning environment in terms of critical voice, shared control, scientific uncertainty, and student negotiation than the group who did not received the ASC inquiry instruction did. The most frequent comments in student interviews were "fun," "interesting," "love to do activities," "fun to be in science lesson," "enjoyable." This study will discuss about how use of multimedia technology can influence teachers' science instruction, and how to promote constructivist learning environment.

Keywords: Multimedia Technology, Learning Environment, Inquiry Science, Emotional Energy, Science Instructional Strategy
Stream: Technology in Education, Knowledge and Technology
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Prof. Do-Yong Park

Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction College of Education 120 Felmley Science Hall Normal, IL 61790, Illinois State University

Ref: T05P0320