The Effects of Two Competing Predictors: Gratifications and Personality on Cellular and Household Telephone Use

Ms Ann Hsieh
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With the little research available on the sociology of the cellular telephone, this study focuses on two competing explanations for the rising ubiquity of the cellular telephone: gratifications and personality. Past studies have explored the gratifications of the household or landline telephone, but research on the social constructions of the cellular telephone is still scarce.

By administering a questionnaire on cellular and household telephone use to 280 respondents, the degree to which gratifications and personality traits were significant was observed. To further investigate the difference between cellular and household telephone users, fifteen subjects were asked to keep a diary log of their phone use for a week.

As technology advances, and more and more people adopt cellular telephones as their main mode of communication, the effects on traditional communication are great. This study delves into the uses and gratifications sought from cellular and household phone use, how this affects traditional telephone use, and the different personality characteristics embodied by non-, moderate, and frequent cell phone users.

Keywords: Mobile technology, Cellular telephone, Gratification, Personality, Landline telephone
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Paper: Effects of two Competing Predictors, The

Ms Ann Hsieh

Graduate Student, Stanford University

Ref: T05P0334