Technology, Postmodernism and Immunity Theory: A Critique of Virtualization

Dr. Paul Privateer
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This presentation offers a context in which to understand why information technology has become the dominant driver of postmodern culture. Taking some of the cardinal premises of sociobiology and immunity theory, this theoretical paper applies them to a brief history of the logic of market capitalism and its evolution. The linkage between immunology and capitalism is then brought into a study of the genesis and dominance of information and digital technology. Ultimately this presentation will explain the cultural and economic logic of virtual space (cyberspace) metaphysics, focusing on the unique nature of the kind of knowledge (epistemology) contributes to postmodern ideology.

Keywords: Technology, Postmodernism and Immunity Theory
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Postmodernism and Replication Technologies

Dr. Paul Privateer

Professor, Digital Culture Studies, Film and Media Studies Program, Arizona State University

Professor Privateer is a nationally known figure in the area of digital culture studies and the use of technology in reinventing higher education. His Odyssey Project has been featured on CNN, ABC, PBS, and the New York Times. He is associate edition of the British Journal of Education Technology. His latest book "Inventing Intelligence: A Social History of Smart" (Blackwell, 2005) explores the histo-ideological dynamics of conceptualizations of intelligence in such cultural venues as a capital punishment cases, immigration testing, and education. The book traces the metaphoric drift of ideas of intelligence as they function as agents of power and knowledge from early Greek culture to postmodern artificial intelligence and the commodification of smart.

Ref: T05P0034