Context-Oriented Learning Architecture (COLA)

Dr. Alexander Vengerov
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The paper analyzes the role of context in teaching and learning processes combined with evolving of knowledge patterns. The classification method is presented allowing for gradual modification of parameters of learning processes in order to cover the whole spectrum of methodologies from hard learning (as more pattern-oriented with knowledge integration mainly based on logical consistency) to soft learning (as more context-oriented with significant role of knowledge evolving from its context). Then a Context-Oriented Learning Architecture (COLA) is presented with the description of its blocks, processes, iterative loops and enhanced possibility of intervention in order to speed up or enhance the quality of learning. Finally, we discuss the results of application of context-based learning framework and COLA in academic e-learning environment showing its universality and potential for adaptability to different learning environments, methodologies, and technologies. This allows COLA to serve as a frame of reference in the development of learning support systems and integrated methodologies applicable for distance learning and in-class formats.

Keywords: learning, teaching, learning architecture, knowledge patterns, learning context, knowledge context, classification of learning methodologies
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Context-Oriented Learning Architecture (COLA)

Dr. Alexander Vengerov

Associate Professor, School of Administration and Business, Management Information Systems, Ramapo College of NJ

Ref: T05P0004