Service Learning in the Online Classroom

Dr. Salome C. Nnoromele
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This paper will detail my experiences teaching online literature courses with a required service-learning component. It will discuss the advantages as well as the challenges the online platform presents. It will cover topics such as course structure and design, student's attitudes towards online coursework, learning objectives and assessment process. The paper looks into ways online teaching forces instructors to begin rethinking our traditional definitions of service learning to include ways technology and the internet could impact student learning.

Keywords: Experiences Teaching Online, Service Learning, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Teaching, Online Learning, Course Structure And Design, Students' Attitude Towards Online Learning, Learning Objectives, Assessment Of Online Teaching, Definitions Of Service Learning
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Service Learning in the Online Classroom

Dr. Salome C. Nnoromele

Associate Professor and Coordinator of the English Grad. Program, Department of English and Theatre, Eastern Kentucky University

Ref: T05P0041