E-valuating E-learning: Knowledge Workers and Work-related ICT Training

James N. Danziger
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E-valuating E-learning: Knowledge workers and work-related ICT training. Many companies increasingly emphasize the benefits of e-learning for their employees, with particular attention on learning that supports the effective use of ICTs in work. This paper analyzes the value that knowledge workers place on e-learning and other modes of training in the use of ICTs in their work. The assessment is based on an empirical analysis of data from an extensive survey of 1200 U.S. knowledge workers in summer 2004. The findings highlight the differences among those knowledge workers who judge e-learning to be more or less beneficial, revealing variations in the types of job-related tasks they perform, the configurations of their learning support, their organizational contexts, and the personal characteristics of these knowledge workers. It is evident that e-learning is most valuable when it is implemented in diverse ways that are contingent on both individual and contextual elements.

Keywords: E-learning, E-training, Knowledge Workers, ICTs and Work
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: e-Valuating e-Learning

James N. Danziger

Professor, School of Social Sciences University of California, Irvine, Associate Director, Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations, and Professor of Political Science, Uni. of California, Irvine, United States of America

Ref: T05P0052