Technology and Design: Partners in the Evolution of Creativity

Prof. Peter DePietro
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In 1963 President John F. Kennedy said "Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all." This statement resonates more today than it did in the 60's, when personal computers were merely in the imaginations of boys named Bill and Steve, because the worlds we work in, design in and live in are influenced by and, in most instances, created by computers. The preponderance of data generated by computers, controls us, but it doesn't define us. We define us. We morph and manipulate the data in our lives in order to manifest vision. We are extraordinary. However, we will remain extraordinary only as long as there is innovation to keep the data new and fresh, and there are persons who are both technologically and creatively proficient to implement new tools that allow us to manifest new vision.

Our mission as designers to infuse beauty and better quality of life is dependent on updated tools and state-of-the-art equipment, properly used by professionals. The software tools we use to create magnificent, complex and inspirational works cannot be simple, commonplace and tired; the hardware that runs the tools cannot be obsolete. It's not that that which is new is superior to that which is old. It's just that, as new textiles are made more durable by chemical formulas calculated by a computer, and new architecture, like Frank Ghery's wondrous billowing sheets of titanium, stand erect because of computer imaging and engineering, the innovation that makes these projects possible must be constantly reinvented. This way, we stay ahead of the creative curve; we follow a progressive path into the future of design. There should be no turning back to 1962, before the insight, before the dream. We must forge ahead and create that which has not yet been created.

Keywords: Technological Innovation, Design Technology in Society, Creative Vision and Computer Data
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Paper: Technology and Design

Prof. Peter DePietro

Professor of Interactive Communications and e-Media, Quinnipiac University School of Communications, Quinnipiac University

Peter DePietro MPS (magna cum laude) Interactive Telecommunications, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts BS (cum laude) Telecommunications, Syracuse University, SI Newhouse School of Communications is Assistant Professor of e-Media at Quinnipiac University. He has also taught at New York University, Syracuse University and Pratt Institute. Professor DePietro's professional experience in new media as creative director, designer, strategist and interactive game developer has given him the opportunity to create digital projects with international exposure for,,, Pfizer, Hasbro and Omnicom. His interactive art and installations, including ANDROG: News with Attitude and Interactive Domain, have been exhibited in new media galleries in the United States and Europe. Professor DePietro's publications include Your Place on the Internet and A Goliath Online Presence Transformed. He was a scholarly presenter at the recent Creativity: Designer Meets Technology conference in Philadelphia. A pioneer of interactive theatre in New York City, Professor DePietro is an award-winning playwright/director with 8 plays published by Samuel French, Inc. and produced by theatres worldwide, including CLUE The Musical, based on the popular game.

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