Designing for the Future Human: Finding Common Ground Between People, Communities and Technology

Mr. Sanjay Khanna
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Today innovators who are making new products and services do not feel that they are inventing for a better world, that is, a world in which there will be increasing leisure time, for example. Or healthier, wider open spaces. Or greater safety for children. This means that the context for innovation is about "making a worsening world more enjoyable" or "making a worsening world more efficient" or "extending possibilities with technology."

This new worldview, influenced by ecosystem decline, new global conflicts and growing divisions between rich and poor, is changing the mindset of humanity and may be affecting how people feel about technology. While it is acknowledged in academia that there is widespread confusion about the role of technology in society, this is because there is equally massive confusion about the role of people in society. There is no consensus on what inherent value people have or what they can contribute to the advancement of society using technological tools and artifacts.

As robotics and mobile technologies rapidly gain a psychological foothold in the popular mind, it is more important than ever for citizens to contribute to technology design and development, not just in focus groups, but also in public spaces, where they can envision and imagine the robots and mobile technologies they would like technology makers to build. This paper examines what it may mean to design technology for the future human and proposes a series of questions for technologists, academics and citizens who wish to shape the best possible interactions between people, communities and technology.

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Mr. Sanjay Khanna

Principal Consultant, Sightline, Khanna Fedina Group Inc.

Sanjay Khanna is principal of Khanna Fedina Group Inc., where he works as a marketing and corporate communications writer, strategist and product concept consultant for major technology companies in the U.S. and Europe. Based in Vancouver, Canada, he writes about important business, environmental and social matters, and contributes insight to the development of new products and services. His clients include, or have included, Accenture Ltd., Hewlett-Packard Company, HP Labs, Nokia (Espoo, Finland), Xerox, Xerox PARC, and Yamaha Motor Corp. USA.

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