Information: A Working Definition

Prof. Kristen G. Ploeger
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The information age has bestowed upon us a litany of information related terms and information related endeavours. Along with the proliferation of information issues has come a virtually limitless variety of different definitions for this very widely used term. Information is used synonymously with everything from data to knowledge, and more.

In today's information intensive society, it seems appropriate that, at the very least, educators and practitioners alike could benefit if a working definition of information could be identified. The proposed definition provides for recognition of data as it exists in computing machinery. But, more important, it provides for a clear distinction between the human mental conceptualization of information and the data residing on the computer.

Therefore it is suggested that it is data that resides on the computer while information is that which is perceived to be useful by the recipient.

Keywords: Information vs data, Information defined, Information is perceived useful by the recipient, Information is an end user perception, Information is useful, data are raw facts
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Paper: Information

Prof. Kristen G. Ploeger

Professor, Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantative Methods McCoy College of Business Administration, Texas State University — San Marcos

Dr Floyd D. Ploeger completed undergraduate degrees in the sciences and graduate degrees in Science Education and Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin, USA. He has been teaching in his current position since 1983. He has continuously updated the content and delivery of the junior level college core information systems course. He has served as an editor and reviewer for numerous information systems text books.

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